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Our AI Mission

Vision of AI Technology

  • AI technology is no longer an utopian fantasy, it is reality.
  • With these advanced technologies we wish to create a future were our partners can harness the potential they have without any compromises while also enjoy benefits which came with AI tech.

Importance of AI Solutions

  • AI-Robotics is a proud member of The Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition (AI Coalition).
  • Initiated by Dr. Palkovics László the Minister for Innovation and Technology, aims to put Hungary at the forefront of artificial intelligence developments and applications in Europe and to become an important member of the international AI community.
  • The Hungarian AI Coalition was formed on October 9, 2018 with the participation of 78 international and domestic companies, as well as universities, scientific workshops, professional and administrative organisations.
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Financial Benefits of our Solutions

  • From "Leasing plans" to "Robot-As-A-Solution" at AI-Robotics we are determend to find the right fininacial solution, which will give access to AI and INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies to your company.
  • As investing into these technologies could easily assure success throughout the next decades, while also helping with operational cost related benefits.