About us

Who are we?

Time management, labour costs & training, product diversification, delivery times, health & safety these are just a few of the concerns impacting a wide range of industries now and in the near future.

AI-Robotics Ltd. was founded with the sole vision of applying advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to overcome these challanges, while aslo paying attention to be affordable, efficient, flexible, safe and agile.

We are proud to be official distributors and service partners of Geek+ and to be official retailers of GaussianRobotics in the EU & EE region.

With state-of-the-art solutions AI-Robotics wants to offer its partners easily accessible industry 4.0 technologies, allowing them to be ahead of the curve and gain momentum against their competitors.

AI Robotics Ltd mostly hires in Hungary but with our partners, there are career opportunities all over the world.

We hope to work with you to achieve great value for our customers worldwide and transform industries together.

If you are interested in our positons or think you may be a great fit, please send your resume to: info@ai-robotics.hu

Company AI-Robotics Ltd

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