Innovative Full-process Flexible Manufacturing

The traditional logistics systems of manufacturers are inflexible to change production lines and production capacity. Low efficiency and insufficient storage area also hinder the business growth. Geek+ offers smart logistic solutions for factories to improve automation, intelligence and flexibility while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Industry challenges include

  • Insufficient warehouse space near production line
  • Small logistics channels
  • Labor waste for secondary sorting
  • High error rate
  • and many more...



  • Quickly adjust layout, switch logistics circulation, adapt product changes
  • Achieve unmanned distribution with robots, define routes depending on products and ensure accurate materials distribution when modifying production lines
  • Dense storage, automatic tallying, avoid broken production line while ensuring high space utilization rate
  • Reduce work-in-process inventory, quickly adjust distribution frequency in response to market changes


Pain points: The layout of the Dell warehouse is very compact, and the usage rate of the storage area is very high, which increases the difficulty of manual selection. Solution: Based on the principles of high efficiency, stability, and agility, Dell chose Geek+ to help upgrade the warehouse.

10 x

efficiency improvement

32 pcs


2000 sets