Never Fail to Meet the Most Stringent Requirements

Logistics in the pharmaceutical industry has high requirements for time-sensitive efficiency and compliance with fast-changing mandatory requirements. Geek+ solutions enable pharmaceutical companies to be adaptive to meet the ever-increasing efficiency standards of the industry, and cope with labor cost challenges.

Industry challenges include

  • Small products
  • Large SKUs
  • Batch picking with quantity limits
  • Time-sensitive efficiency requirements
  • and many more...



  • Supports SKU increases without major adjustment
  • Allows continuous picking through intelligent order grouping
  • Robots can easily be added or removed during and after peak
  • Technology enables inventory analysis, intelligent tallying, sales forecast, replenishment suggestions
  • Dynamic storage space management of multiple brands in the same area
  • Better storage utilization with flexible shelves containing various products
  • Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee picking accuracy


  • Small item sorting
  • Flexible layout and number of robots
  • Highly efficient matrix with dynamic grid allocation
  • Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee sorting accuracy
  • Intelligent sorting + moving

Jointown Pharmaceutical

Pain points: Under new requirements, the company set an overall processing volume of 10,000 pieces/hour with 99.9% accuracy. Solution: Picking robots transport goods directly to the platform for unmanned unloading. User friendly interface providing multiple data gathering, reducing operation risks and increasing transportation safety.

1/3 increased

storage capacity

1400 per hour



Sinopharm Logistics

Pain points: Sinopharm Logistics wants to increase overall productivity and lower labor costs and worker intensity. Solution: Customized pharmaceutical industry solution such as batch management, quality status management, drug storage compliance management, and expiration date management.

120 lines/hour/person

picking efficiency

399 units