Multiple Strategies to Improve Efficiency and Storage Capacity

With large volume and diversity of product categories, the retail business using traditional logistics system can no longer meet the high customer expectations. Geek+ provides an integrated solution based on products, scenarios, and business models, and improve efficiency and storage capacity, enhancing competitive advantages for clients.

Industry challenges include

  • Large SKUs of small items such as beauty products and daily use 3C
  • High error rate
  • Time constraints
  • High labor-intensiveness and slow picking and moving efficiency
  • and many more...



  • Allows continuous picking through intelligent order grouping
  • Technology enables inventory analysis, intelligent tallying, sales forecast, replenishment suggestions
  • Dynamic storage space management of multiple brands in the same area
  • Fast picking of high-frequency ordered products
  • Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee picking accuracy

Consolidated order picking + sorting

  • Flexible layout and number of robots
  • Highly efficient matrix with dynamic grid allocation
  • Intelligent monitoring of whole process to guarantee picking accuracy
  • Intelligent sorting + moving


  • Establishes intelligent route plan to enhance moving efficiency
  • Improves working environment and safety


Pain points: Massive SKUs, high volatility and different depth of storage. Daily orders must be shipped on the same day, and delivery accuracy requirements of 99.99%. Solution: Geek+ deployed 6 picking robots in a 200 square meter pilot area, used for loading and unloading shelves, replenishing shelves, inventory, and performing outbound operations according to order instructions.

149 pieces/person

picking efficiency

533 pieces/person

comprehensive efficiency


Yonghui Superstore

Pain points: Increase of single item orders and labor costs. Need to improve warehouse in and outbound order processing efficiency to meet higher volume demand. Solution: Geek+ provide a comprehensive robotics solution with full picking system and business intelligence monitoring.

153 lines / hour

average picking efficiency

7000 order line

daily shipping processing capacity



Pain points: Nissa Centre seeks to introduce sorting POC to replace the traditional manual workflow and increase effectiveness of operations. Solution: Geek+ implemented its robotics sorting solution to a 199 square meter site for a sorting rate of over 500 pieces/hour.

22 pcs

drop off stations

12 sets