The game-changing picking system boosts efficiency improvement by 200%+

Efficient Accurate Flexible

Goods-to-Person Picking

Geek+ Goods-to-Person solution uses P series robots to move the inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station, completely eliminating the redundant walking of the picking workers, improving the accuracy of the picking, and reducing labor intensity. Compared to manual picking, the picking efficiency is improved by 2 to 3 times.

Maximum efficiency empowered by smart algorithms

Empowered by Geek+ proprietary smart algorithms, and the picking system uses the fewest robots to achieve maximum efficiency while improving the warehouse storage capabilities.

The main functions include:

  • Combined order optimization and tracking
  • Inventory management and intelligent tally
  • Work station and robot task outline
  • Heat analysis and goods placement recommendation
  • Dynamic wave selection process
  • Adjustment of inventory layout
  • RFID technology integration

Bin-to-Person Picking

The Geek+ RoboShuttle™ bin-to-person picking solution can achieve high-density storage by using the innovative Geek+ C200 and narrow aisle design, while maintaining high efficiency. The standard 9-meters warehouse can store 18-layer 3.50m high-cargo boxes and 24-layer 2.5m high-cargo boxes, fully utilizing the warehouse space.

Award-winning solution leading the industry innovation

The Geek+ RoboShuttle™ system was certified as "Best of Intralogistics 2020" by the world-renowned IFOY award, one of the industry's most prestigious recognitions. Compared with the traditional shuttle system, RoboShuttle has higher flexibility, efficiency and return-on-investment.

  • Flexible to fit customers' existing shelves and lofts
  • Smaller investment and shorter payback period
  • Fast implementation and low ground load requirements
  • No need for high-precision rails and easy to maintain
  • Compact, high-density storage
  • High box picking efficiency (up to 250 rows / hour / station or 600 pieces / hour / station)


The AislePick™ order-to-person picking system uses A-series robots to assist the worker by carrying the order boxes to the picking station, saving 30% to 50% in labor cost and improving picking efficiency by 150% to 200%. It requires low initial investment and generates rapid ROI. Geek+ SLAM navigation technology enables safe operation in a mixed man-machine environment. The system is highly flexible and can be quickly deployed within one week without changing the existing warehouse layout. Additional robots are added at any time.

Unmatchable advantages of picking system

Rapid ROI
  • ROI in less than 3 years
  • Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment
Increased Automation
  • Reduces labor costs by 50% to 70% for goods-to-person picking, and by 30% to 50% for order-to-person picking
  • Reduces labor intensity
High Efficiency
  • +300% for goods-to-person picking; +200% for order-to-person picking
  • 99.997% accuracy
High Flexibility
  • Flexible addition or removal of robots
  • Customizable solutions for multiple industries
  • No single point of failure
Rapid Deployment
  • Full system deployment under 2 months
  • Goods-to-person picking can deployed as fast as 2 weeks; order-to-person picking can deployed as fast as 1 week

Covering a wide range of application scenes

Geek+ Picking System is suitable for small- to medium-sized parts picking by bin and by piece, applicable to e-commerce, retail, third-party logistics, apparel, pharmaceutical, 3C, automobile manufacturing, and many other industries. Geek+ offers a full range of solutions covering all customer requirements.


Small- to medium-sized parts picking




Bin picking

High density storage capacity


Rapid deployment


Human-robot collaboration