Industry-leading sorting system maximizes sorting efficiency

Accurate Agile Scalable

Floor-based Sorting

Geek+ Floor-based Sorting solution uses S20 series robots to sort small or middle-size parcels at the floor level. Empowered by strong algorithm, the solution monitors robot traffic and balances the task of each robot to achieve maximum sorting efficiency. It can be integrated with Geek+ moving robots to automatically transport packages and achieve unmanned automated sorting operations.

Multi-layer Sorting

With Multi-layer Sorting solution, the robots work on different level platforms, improving efficiency and utilization of warehouse space. Packing, sorting, and loading areas are highly integrated, optimizing the whole outbound process, realizing unmanned sorting operations.

Creating unmatchable values for clients

Rapid ROI
  • ROI in less than 3 years
  • Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment
  • Scalable investment to fit business needs
More Automation
  • Replaces manual sorting
  • Increases sorting efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduces labor intensity
High Efficiency
  • 10x more efficient compared to manual labor
  • Lowers labor costs
  • Fully automated process management
High Flexibility
  • # of robots can be adjusted with changing requirements
  • Diverse range of robots to suit operational needs
Rapid Deployment
  • Short deployment period
  • Implementation in stages to fit business needs

Covering full sorting application scenarios

Geek+ Sorting System is suitable for goods and parcel sorting, applicable to retail, apparel, pharmaceutical, 3C, FMCG, postal delivery, and other industries. Common sorting applications include:


Store replenishment and cross docking

Multi-combination with picking

High-level storage

Expanded sorting capacity

Goods return and book return sorting


Sorting after packing

Central distribution center parcel sorting