Collaborative Picking

A Series

Man-robot Collaboration Flexible Deployment Safe and Flexible

Friendly Interface

  • Providing picking information reminder to reduce time on locating the goods
  • Providing verification on the picking goods and amount to increase accuracy

Safe and Flexible

  • Safety certification
  • Smart path planning with superior obstacle avoidance
  • Suitable for narrow-aisle picking scenario

Smart Collaboration

  • SLAM navigation with precise positioning
  • Cloud scheduling empowering optimal picking path
  • Automatic bin delivery
  • Multiple collaborative options : robot guiding mode, or robot following mode

Flexible Deployment

  • SLAM navigation without the need to change the warehouse layout
  • Automatic map scanning with fast deployment
  • Cloud schedule allowing flexible robot amount adjustment

Payload 100kg

Max. Operating Speed 1.6s

Navigation Method Lidar SLAM

Power Supply Lithium-ion, DC50.4V, 25 Ah

DimW*L*H 5000mm * 740mm * 1250mm

Control Precision <10mm