Bin-to-Person Picking

C Series

Innovative Easy Deployment Low-cost

High Efficiency

  • It can increase the picking efficiency by 2 to 3 times on average
  • The telescopic fork picks up the box quickly

Low Cost

  • The cost is about 1/2 more than the same size
  • The ROI is 1 to 3 years


  • It can flexibly increase or decrease the number of robots according to customer needs, and make small changes to the customer's site
  • Fast construction and relocation


  • Highly reliable design of the robot body
  • Real-time monitoring of robot operation

Max. Lifting Load 200kg

Max. Lifting Height 5000mm

Max. No Load Speed 1.8m/s

Max. Full Load Speed 1.5m/s

DimW*L*H 870mm * 1490mm * 4465mm

Min. Lifting Time 15s